Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's time for party!

The holiday is here again, this time, from 1st to 7th, i think i will need to party hard for that, or maybe not, i'm not decided yet!
For this red-lips coin purse, i was holding it when i got out from the taxi, as it's not a long distance, so i kept it in my hand when i was waiting for the elevator. When the door opened, a young girl, i think about 7-8 y/o came out, she was staring at it, literally staring, even when i walked into the elevator, she was still looking, i think it's the shape and the shining red caught her eyes, go girl, go, ask ur mama to buy you one, girls should have something shining and eye catching!
And for tonite, there is the 'Miss Behave' to be mis-behave at, yeah!

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