Sunday, September 12, 2010

Having a great time?!

Went out with my gals last nite, still the same spot, never changes, Barren is like a home to us already!
We both put on the 13cm high heels, and which made the shortest one between us around 1.8m tall, i think we probably scared all the guys away!
But, i dont think it really happened as the way i thought it was.
Every girl has a 'slutty' outfit, i'm not talking about those reviewing outfits, but the one that makes u feel so great of yourself, and been slightly over self-confident, which is exactly what happened to me last nite! I'm sure that the alcohol worked too, but there was sth else made me feel so happy and high, which i still hadnt figured out what yet! Like i told my friends, i felt Samantha from SATC inside of me last nite, i flirted with the boys over the bar, who were cute, we even threw ice-cubes to each other over the bar, i never know i can do something like that, but i did! And we got guys checking us all the time, i think it was b/z we 3 gorgeous girls standing there, how can anyone wanna miss that?!
Anyway, i ended up to be the first one went home, i think the other 2, or at least S had a good time too last nite, hadnt call her to talk about it yet!
Having a great time?! I had a great time!

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