Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday nite out

No, no, not yet, it's still friday morning now. But i've got to say i'm so exciting for the going out tonite.
My favorite bar in shanghai will be closing for renovation for half month, tonite they r doing that recycling party, which u got a chance to buy a piece of ur favorite place. To me, i'm more interested in seen what for sale not buying by myself, unless they let me buy that DJ, wonder if i can afford that though, :-P
Good thing is they are opening a new club around the same area, the grand opening is tmr nite, but there is the non-official grand opening tonite, and i got the invitation for that, how lovely is that, and reserved myself and my friend mumm for the free-flow, loved it! oh, yes, and i've checked out the place last nite, with it still half-ly done, haha, the rooftop is really love, really, have the same kind of feeling as the bar but with wilder landscape view.
So, quote from the song: i gotta a feeling, that tonite's gonna be a good good nite........

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fascinating Weekend

Like i always said, weekend out is the only thing that keeps me full of energy.
Had company dinner last friday, due to the request of the boss, choosed that japanese buffet restaurant, everyone was happy, not sure about the other customers and the staffs from the restaurant, but like i do care( which i think i should, manners, manners). Not really drunk at the dinner place, but after that, we went to the karaoke place, requests from the other colleagues and as the boss also said yes, why not doing it. Though i dont really think they have a wild choice of what to sing there, most of the songs are chinese. Had a bottle of vodka ordered there, i think that little lovely thing finally made me drunk and dizzy and giggling and what so ever.
Went out with S on saturday, brunch, shopping, and shopping and then got home change for the nite out. It was really fun, m1nt wasnt really my place, wondering why it's so crowded all the time. Was listening to the bar rouge at m1nt, not from my player, but the DJ, he even has the same break down in between the songs, how 'wonderful'! Went to bar rouge after that, listen to the songs again, but luckily, Damien played some new songs, not the same routine all the time then. And then went to dragon, that ultimate after-hour place, which we hadnt visit for ages. Partied until 7 in the morning i think, the heels were killing me, me and S, we both decided to take off the shoes and walk out the place to the taxi!
The weekend was really fun, but the weather sucked big time today, hope the weather will be beautiful in the coming days in this week!
Time for bed!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boyfriend jeans and glasses

As i always dress the feminine style, so i would love to have a bit change today, especially i've bought this boyfriend jeans for a while and the weather was never nice enough to wear it, finally it's today, :-P

Monday, March 8, 2010


I feel alive again.
I wouldnt say that facebook or twitter is that much a big deal in my life, but somehow without being able to use it makes me feel terrible.
After the HSS been blocked, i finally decided to pay for the VPN service, and apparently, it works perfectly! I think i will come back to this blog much often before, paid for 3 month already, gotta use it up, right.
And see a bit sun shine today, after a whole week of shitty weather, i do feel good today!