Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday nite out

No, no, not yet, it's still friday morning now. But i've got to say i'm so exciting for the going out tonite.
My favorite bar in shanghai will be closing for renovation for half month, tonite they r doing that recycling party, which u got a chance to buy a piece of ur favorite place. To me, i'm more interested in seen what for sale not buying by myself, unless they let me buy that DJ, wonder if i can afford that though, :-P
Good thing is they are opening a new club around the same area, the grand opening is tmr nite, but there is the non-official grand opening tonite, and i got the invitation for that, how lovely is that, and reserved myself and my friend mumm for the free-flow, loved it! oh, yes, and i've checked out the place last nite, with it still half-ly done, haha, the rooftop is really love, really, have the same kind of feeling as the bar but with wilder landscape view.
So, quote from the song: i gotta a feeling, that tonite's gonna be a good good nite........

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