Monday, May 31, 2010

Jumpsuit for the lovely warm Monday

I dont like Monday, but when the weather is lovely enough, i think i can forgive it for being Monday!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Raining day, mud color day

This is not what i wanted for today, i was hoping it's gonna be hot like yesterday, and i can wear shirt and shorts. But it's actually windy and cold today, sigh, i just randomly throw things on me so i get covered when i got to work.
Oh, i did wear a coat today, just it was not on me when i took the pic! :-P

Thursday, May 27, 2010

High heel addiction

I still remember that i said it's painful to wear heels to work, especially u dont have many tall guys in the office. But with the weather changing, with the summer breeze, it seems more fun to match heels with the dresses and everything.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Painful but gorgeous

Drunk shopping comes with fun and consequence. The pair of Carrie i bought was pretty, live the pointing toecaps and the slim heels, but they r just slightly smaller than my actual feet size, say like half size smaller. My feet hurt so much today, actually i mean my toes, they were squeezed and squeezed together all day long, but hmmmmm, i cant help loving them, :-P

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Headache attack monday

I always wanted Monday can be different someday, not bad, not annoying, good weather, etc., actually I was in a good mood this morning, just the fever and the headache just come from nowhere and now i'm home, and resting in the sofa. I dont know if i should call this a good thing as i skipped half day work or a bad thing that i felt like my head is gonna explode!

Saturday shopping

Went to the Margarita free-flow place again last saturday. The weather was not that stunning, but drinks did make everything sweet and nice.
Went shopping with S again, but this time, we did find lots of good things, which totally made my day. A pair of Carrie, a pair of classiques entier, the Hermes stud bracelet, a MJ school bag like and a Marni again. What a wonderful thing that drunk and find all these lovely stuff in the world?!
Had cray fish for dinner and then there comes the un-pleasant part which ruined the good saturday mood.
Planning to go to bar rouge for the going out, and they were holding the pervert party which i've already disappointed once, due to the too many ppl, too petite place and we got tired to try to get in, and it happened again. Though we did accidentally caught up Damien at the lobby, but he cant help to get us in, i dont know if he cant or he wouldnt, but either way, he sucked big time for this!
Went to M1nt, and been blocked out for not on the list.
So we decided to call it a nite and make it up next week. The only thing that made us feel good was the taxi driver we had when we decide to go to M1nt from Bar rouge, by the time we were still thinking the cross street of the location, he already figured out our destination to go. And he was playing MTV in the car instead of those lame commercial advertisements. How cool is that?!
Anyway, i do need a going out to recharge my battery, my energy is running out for not getting enough booze and party and so on.
Oh, did i mentioned that i was drunk in the afternoon from the brunch place?!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I've never been to me

Was browsing one of my other blogs (wonder how many blogs i do have, :-)), it was created back in 2003, 2004? i dont really remember, too lazy to check it again.
I was that sensitive young lady by that time, and also quite a party queen, partied from tuesday till sunday in a row, impressive, i cant do that anymore these days.
This song was mentioned in one of the entries i wrote, the only famous song of the singer named Charlene. I'm sure i have it by that time, but all the old songs i have are still stored in my old laptop, so i downloaded it again. I could tell why i like it by that time, there was a story related to it in the memory, sweet n bitter one.
Wish i could turn back the time, there were some great moments i would love to live again.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lex Luthor - Small Ville

Watching loads of series recently, just finished 4 seasons of Criminal Mind, and now it's time for Small Ville, bought 8 seasons of it, so it will keep me busy for a while.
I'm sure i watched some episodes of this show, and the reason i didnt catch up with the show is b/z it's not the ideal kind of superhero show i like, and be honest with you, i love superman, not Tom Willing Clark Kent. But Lex surely caught up my sight, he's so adorable in the show, cute, with the evil part and smart and every good word i could put on him! He reminds me a bit of Chuck from Gossip Girls, the good boy who's trying really hard to do good things and be nice to his friend and tried really really hard to received the approve from the DAD!
I'm sure i like ppl depends on how they look, i wouldn't say Lex is super handsome, but he surely look great with his hair style, which is bold!
I'm gonna go back to my show now, Lex is on the screen!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blue nail polish, :-P

Errrrrr, my hand and fingers looked ugly, :-(