Saturday, July 31, 2010

Barren 3 days in the row

Ok, i admit i love barren so so much, hmmmm, and i think this is the secret that anyone knows me knows, :-P
Went to M1nt first, for me, it is an ok place, i have someone i like there, the only reason i went back there is to see him, but he doesnt really seem like he's interested, poor me, :-(
And then i decided to go to barren, the place is like home to me, i know the music, i know the drinks, i almost know everything, everyone there who works for barren! P is such a loser, who goes out for clubbing goes back home at 2am?! especially it's barren, the music is magnifique, who doesnt love it?!
Anyway, i'm a bit pissed off now, i hope i can just go through with it, damn, i miss barren already.
FYI, barren means bar rouge in shanghai, the hottest club/bar in shanghai!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My dinner

I'm trying to put myself on a diet, and i know the celery is really great for that, but i will have a stomach problem if i just go for it seulement. So here comes the solution, i take the diet celery and the fat delicious fat cheese, :-P, with a dash of tabasco, hmmmmm, that's lovely, and taste so good, i could totally take 2 or 3 for dinner and doesnt even need anything else.
Sorry the pics doesnt look that nice, but trust me, it's great, and no, i'm not losing weight, lol!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jumpsuit thursday

It has been, let me think, yrs that i didnt party on a Wednesday! I use to, when i was younger, and full of energy, party non-stop from wed. til sat.!
But I did have fun, got friends visiting from sweden, and they wanna go see m1nt, so yes, m1nt, here we come. It was nice to see D there again, and he let me feed the sharks in the tank with the sliced squid, oh dear, that was a great fun. The music was not bad in m1nt, but the sound system was lousy, seriously, u spent so much money on the whole location, why not get some better speakers? The bass was too much!
I think i partied until 3th, not always at m1nt, but took my friends to the karaoke place, where we played all those famous club songs, :-P
Thursday morning was like a bitch, cause i felt so tired and sleepy, but i have to come to the office, ok, it wasnt that bad, but it was really hot, i felt i was melting when i walk on the street.
It feels like time for vacation!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's super hot

I know tanktops r not really appropriate for work, but it's just too hot today, and the jumpsuit i wanna wear has some missing buttons. but still, pairing with the jeans, i do feel good, it's the ok kind of heat i can deal with, but i dont know for the coming hot days. There is always one week which reaches 39 degrees sth in the shanghai summer time, so when that week is coming, i will take one week off, just enjoy the cool air from the AC. :-P

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pain au chocolat and tuesday

I finally got my xperia back, so i can use it to take the pics again, think it's better than the old blur pics.
It was super hot today, and also humid, which is somehow a typical shanghai summer day, not enough hot yet, but bet it's on the way.
Went to carrefour in gubei, there is a paul downstairs, i just cant help myself to get into the store and asked for 10 pieces of pain au chocolat, one of my favorite pastries. Hmmm, and for the record, i have only 2 left now, so i think i had too much, i might need to chew on more celeries by tmr to kill all those cal. and fat, :-P
Time for bed, tata!

Friday, July 16, 2010

barren barren, how can i live w/t u?!

after 2 weeks stayed in, or maybe 3 weeks, we finally made to barren again.
Damien was not there, probably on vacation, and the new dj is really new to me, i mean i never saw him before in barren, but he rocks, not from the very beginning, but the later night it was, the higher he was, he actually brought some fresh remix to barren, it was kinda cool!
for me, i think barren should stick to the pas de free entry until 4am, b/z the earlier it got, the more weirdos in barren, which are whores, losers and lame ppl, i know i'm been mean, but that's just me, live with it!
now i'm finally tired, so i'm gonna go sleep, tata!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello Monday

It's monday, but not a bad one, b/z i was late for work. I do late for work everyday, but today is way later, say like 1.5 hrs late, which helped me missed the terrible monday traffic, including cant get a taxi and traffic jam. And i didnt get in trouble for that at all, how lovely! :-P

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good mood monday and tuesday

Floral print, which is what i always wanted this year, which i finally found one as what i pictured.
The weather in shanghai these days is not stable at all, so the wedges seems like the most reasonable shoes for the it, which u cant really predict when it's gonna rain or it will remain the sunny way.