Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jumpsuit thursday

It has been, let me think, yrs that i didnt party on a Wednesday! I use to, when i was younger, and full of energy, party non-stop from wed. til sat.!
But I did have fun, got friends visiting from sweden, and they wanna go see m1nt, so yes, m1nt, here we come. It was nice to see D there again, and he let me feed the sharks in the tank with the sliced squid, oh dear, that was a great fun. The music was not bad in m1nt, but the sound system was lousy, seriously, u spent so much money on the whole location, why not get some better speakers? The bass was too much!
I think i partied until 3th, not always at m1nt, but took my friends to the karaoke place, where we played all those famous club songs, :-P
Thursday morning was like a bitch, cause i felt so tired and sleepy, but i have to come to the office, ok, it wasnt that bad, but it was really hot, i felt i was melting when i walk on the street.
It feels like time for vacation!

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