Friday, July 16, 2010

barren barren, how can i live w/t u?!

after 2 weeks stayed in, or maybe 3 weeks, we finally made to barren again.
Damien was not there, probably on vacation, and the new dj is really new to me, i mean i never saw him before in barren, but he rocks, not from the very beginning, but the later night it was, the higher he was, he actually brought some fresh remix to barren, it was kinda cool!
for me, i think barren should stick to the pas de free entry until 4am, b/z the earlier it got, the more weirdos in barren, which are whores, losers and lame ppl, i know i'm been mean, but that's just me, live with it!
now i'm finally tired, so i'm gonna go sleep, tata!

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