Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Les Nouveaux Bijoux and Nail Polish

Personally, i still love the red/white/black combination for nail colors, but for the finger nails, i seemed made it too much, not really that pretty, think i might re-do it tonite.
The others r the random things i bought, love the ring, it's so tiny and cute, just doesnt really feel like me, too cute to be me, :-P

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Giant Gummi Bear

First thing on Monday.
Gummi bear, it's always the something i love, and i saw this from a blog that they have this giant gummi bear, think about it, u hold such a big one and chewing on it, sounds a bit odd, but it's huge, how fun will it be?!
Monday yuck yuck, gummi bear yummy yummy!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Love.....

It's Saturday, watched TV till too late, so i ended up get bed around 5 in the morning, so i got up 3pm today, 10 hrs sleep is enough, i guess.
Met K for afternoon coffee, and then we went to pizza marzano for dinner. It's one thing i love, pizza pizza, :-P
And for today's outfit, the first time i saw the top, i can feel it's shouting 'buy me, buy me', i'm so you', so yes, now it's on me, i love all the items listed, especially the last option, everyone who knows me knows it.
This is gonna be a quiet weekend for me, saving the energy for the next weekend, it's gonna be my bday, it will be big and lots of fun, so looking forward to that!
Now i'm gonna back to my TV show, i love weekends!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Isnt this a Lovely Day?!

It's a thursday nite, what in my mind was going to barren. But then it turned into a japanese buffet dinner and a mahjong session.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Medor collection

Ok, i've already have the bracelet, and when i was doing my daily morning job, which means, gossips and fashion blogs, here's it, the Medor Clutch, isnt it just lovely and pretty and you have to have it?! :-P

Shitty weather Weds.

It started with a sunny hot morning, and it's weds., means the week is half over, and weekend is on the way.
I did my nails last nite, i painted them blue, i think it's a nice color for summer, so i match it up with this blue/white stripe skirt, and about the shoes, i just simply pair it with my ring, the lovely Marc plastic ring, i love the shape, i love the color.
I had a really really good mood this morning, and then, sh*t starts. First of all, i cant get a taxi, i called taxi company to book one, nada. And then i waited 20 mins under the sun, sweating, and finally. I was so late for work today, but luckily, the boss was not in the office yet. And lunch time, in order to avoid the crowd, we decided to start at 12:30, but still, loads of ppl in the restaurant, and there were 2 ppls taking those 4 ppl table and we 3 could only get a small one which is for 2 ppl, damn, i got so pissed, and the AC was not working properly there, so so damn hot!
And then in the afternoon, just hours before the work off, the weather turns really really bad, and seems like a storm is coming, luckily again, the boss was not in the office, he went on a biz trip, so i let myself off a bit earlier in order to get myself a cab.
Now i'm home, and writing this blog, :-P

Monday, August 23, 2010

Floral Monday

After a whole long stay in vacation i had, it's Monday again and i have to come back to work.
Cant fell in sleep until 4 in the morning, i even took a smoke before i went sleep, this is not really how i do it recently. Long holidays always led to this kind of situation and i hate it, but it's myself to let it happen and let it be that way, sigh!
Anyway, Monday, Monday, i just dont like you, but something nice was that i received the warmly welcoming from the whole office, every one, i dont care if they mean it or not, but they all miss me, according to them, :-P
I will try to get myself in bed earlier, so i can get enough sleep for the coming week!

Friday, August 20, 2010


What's the feeling when something got lost for so longtime, but in a sudden, u found it again, Especially it's something that u always like?!
Shanghai is certainly a city with loads of wonders, u just need the eyes to find it out, maybe with a bit of luck involved.
The hot weather is getting really depressing, i even took one week off just to avoid the whole steamy summer time, but the AC doesnt really agree with me, or it just so jealous that i dont have to work, it finally decided to take a strike. And i will have to wait till tomorrow that they come over to get it fixed, and i dont even know what the problem could be.
I miss autumn now!

Monday, August 16, 2010

My nail polish II

Summer time fresh!
I just simply dont wanna go to work, so i actually taking a week off from the work. And the hot weather is also one reason that i dont wanna go to work, i went out to grab myself a morning/noon/afternoon coffee, i was almost melted under the hot weather,damn!
So a whole week with AC and stay at home and no need to think about what to wear for go to work is perfect.

Friday, August 13, 2010

My nail polish

Ok, it's really not that hard to do ur own nail polish, hehe, just need practice more, i got my newly purchased frangipanis, i just have to use them, so here's the b/w theme, :-P

Wednesday, August 4, 2010