Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Love.....

It's Saturday, watched TV till too late, so i ended up get bed around 5 in the morning, so i got up 3pm today, 10 hrs sleep is enough, i guess.
Met K for afternoon coffee, and then we went to pizza marzano for dinner. It's one thing i love, pizza pizza, :-P
And for today's outfit, the first time i saw the top, i can feel it's shouting 'buy me, buy me', i'm so you', so yes, now it's on me, i love all the items listed, especially the last option, everyone who knows me knows it.
This is gonna be a quiet weekend for me, saving the energy for the next weekend, it's gonna be my bday, it will be big and lots of fun, so looking forward to that!
Now i'm gonna back to my TV show, i love weekends!

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