Saturday, July 31, 2010

Barren 3 days in the row

Ok, i admit i love barren so so much, hmmmm, and i think this is the secret that anyone knows me knows, :-P
Went to M1nt first, for me, it is an ok place, i have someone i like there, the only reason i went back there is to see him, but he doesnt really seem like he's interested, poor me, :-(
And then i decided to go to barren, the place is like home to me, i know the music, i know the drinks, i almost know everything, everyone there who works for barren! P is such a loser, who goes out for clubbing goes back home at 2am?! especially it's barren, the music is magnifique, who doesnt love it?!
Anyway, i'm a bit pissed off now, i hope i can just go through with it, damn, i miss barren already.
FYI, barren means bar rouge in shanghai, the hottest club/bar in shanghai!

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