Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lex Luthor - Small Ville

Watching loads of series recently, just finished 4 seasons of Criminal Mind, and now it's time for Small Ville, bought 8 seasons of it, so it will keep me busy for a while.
I'm sure i watched some episodes of this show, and the reason i didnt catch up with the show is b/z it's not the ideal kind of superhero show i like, and be honest with you, i love superman, not Tom Willing Clark Kent. But Lex surely caught up my sight, he's so adorable in the show, cute, with the evil part and smart and every good word i could put on him! He reminds me a bit of Chuck from Gossip Girls, the good boy who's trying really hard to do good things and be nice to his friend and tried really really hard to received the approve from the DAD!
I'm sure i like ppl depends on how they look, i wouldn't say Lex is super handsome, but he surely look great with his hair style, which is bold!
I'm gonna go back to my show now, Lex is on the screen!

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