Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I've never been to me

Was browsing one of my other blogs (wonder how many blogs i do have, :-)), it was created back in 2003, 2004? i dont really remember, too lazy to check it again.
I was that sensitive young lady by that time, and also quite a party queen, partied from tuesday till sunday in a row, impressive, i cant do that anymore these days.
This song was mentioned in one of the entries i wrote, the only famous song of the singer named Charlene. I'm sure i have it by that time, but all the old songs i have are still stored in my old laptop, so i downloaded it again. I could tell why i like it by that time, there was a story related to it in the memory, sweet n bitter one.
Wish i could turn back the time, there were some great moments i would love to live again.

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