Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday shopping

Went to the Margarita free-flow place again last saturday. The weather was not that stunning, but drinks did make everything sweet and nice.
Went shopping with S again, but this time, we did find lots of good things, which totally made my day. A pair of Carrie, a pair of classiques entier, the Hermes stud bracelet, a MJ school bag like and a Marni again. What a wonderful thing that drunk and find all these lovely stuff in the world?!
Had cray fish for dinner and then there comes the un-pleasant part which ruined the good saturday mood.
Planning to go to bar rouge for the going out, and they were holding the pervert party which i've already disappointed once, due to the too many ppl, too petite place and we got tired to try to get in, and it happened again. Though we did accidentally caught up Damien at the lobby, but he cant help to get us in, i dont know if he cant or he wouldnt, but either way, he sucked big time for this!
Went to M1nt, and been blocked out for not on the list.
So we decided to call it a nite and make it up next week. The only thing that made us feel good was the taxi driver we had when we decide to go to M1nt from Bar rouge, by the time we were still thinking the cross street of the location, he already figured out our destination to go. And he was playing MTV in the car instead of those lame commercial advertisements. How cool is that?!
Anyway, i do need a going out to recharge my battery, my energy is running out for not getting enough booze and party and so on.
Oh, did i mentioned that i was drunk in the afternoon from the brunch place?!

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