Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bday party

Now i'm officially 30 sth!
Had my bday party last friday, it was fun, i was like looking forward to it for more than a week by advanced, it was like drinking and party and drinking and dancing in my mind for that 30ish bday party.
Went to m1nt first, but it was really boring there, i dont feel the party viper and nothing really special there! ok, there is some very personal reason i wanna go there, or it will never be on my party list. Didnt really do the shark feeding thing as i was planed to.
Stayed at m1nt for like one drink, though they have good espresso martini. Then there comes my home, my lovely home-bar rouge, we all feel the same that more relaxing just by the min. we arrived in that building.
Had drinks from my favorite bartender, i even get a bucket of test-tube cocktails for my bday, with the fireworks and ppl greeting me happy bday, it was so nice. And i opened a bottle of champagne as the tradition when it comes celebrate the bday.
I had way too much drinks that nite, especially when it comes to champagne, it makes me dizzy and giggling and happy for everything.
Had Mahjong with my girls on Saturday, and dinner with my parents on Sunday.
So this is it, i'm now 31 y/o, and i still feel good about it.
PS: Watched SATC II last nite, Samantha is still my favorite Character! :-P

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