Monday, August 8, 2011

I have a problem

Yes, i do, and i have this problem all the time, which is over spending. I bet lots of girls have the same kind of problem too, it's just, u know, u cant really control urself when u see the item that you like, u just have to have it, and with the credit card, it's so simple and convenient! and u didnt even feel anything as u never really see the cash transaction!

ok, now, when i finally realize that, it's toooooo late, i was surprised when i found out the balance in my bank account, which is so much less than what i thought it should be, i even thought someone hacked in my account to take the money until i realized how many things i've bought recently, so i guess, that's it, i should slow down on the shopping part for a while, and also the way i spent money on other things, slow down girl, slow down!

Oh, and i certainly buy lots of random stuff, i guess it's the shopping that satisfied me, not only the items i bought, but the action/idea of shopping just made me happy! this is so wrong, i shall stop!

I shall take the pics of the things i bought, which will be a lot of pics and leave them here to remind myself that this bad bad habit should stop, right now! (ok, i will try, as i still wanna have my good sweet cozy vacation soon, which requires money, :-P)

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