Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day trip on the bike

It was really great weather last Saturday, sunny and warm enough to just ride a bike and around shanghai, to discover the mystique part of the city, :-P
Went to 1933, the old butcher factory, the place is amazing, and they have that huge spaces and a bit creepy kind of touch, will be perfect to throw a party there sometimes.
Didnt take much pictures, as the most fun part was riding the bike, we almost cross the half shanghai, it was a bit too much exercises for one day, and now my body hurts, but really, it was fun!
The part of shanghai that i dont know

Me and Sarah

Sarah insisted to take a pic of me from behind, and it turns out a great one

Outside of the 1933 bldg

Dancing in front of the bldg of my favorite club, i love it so much that i even paid a day visit, :-P

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