Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wishlist for 2011

I just have to write something for this new year!
Here's the wishlist, wonder how much i can achieve when it comes to the end of the year:

Most important one: I wish i could see him before he leaves, and spend sometime together, just us 2! I cant help myself feeling sad about his leaving, so plz plz make this happen!

1. Get a new tattoo, no idea where and what yet!
2. Party less, as my favorite place is different now, the passion for going there is fading, almost gone!
3. Euro-trip, make it in summer time!
4. Start to do exercises!(this is the hard one!)
5. Get more sleep, it's good for skin!
6. Get an oven, and start baking!
7. If i start baking, then i need to control my eating, so i wont grow too big!
8. Do more readings
9. To be continue.....

I think i will make a lot of changes to this list later on, :-P

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