Monday, December 13, 2010

Time flies

Cant believe that 2010 is on the way to the end, next week is xmas holiday and then it's gonna be the new year's eve party, i still think there's a long way to 2011!
Shanghai is getting cold again, was super nice in the last weeks, sunny and warm and everything felt like aout than hiver! and now, i saw from the weather forecast that shanghai is gonna be -1 degree on wed. and along with some snowing(of course i dont really think it's gonna happen), so it is getting ready to be winter, i was kinda hoping that the warm weather can hold until 22nd dec. so i wont be there to suffer from the cold breeze.
Gonna be in kuala lumpur for xmas, visiting an old friend that we always had so much good time together when he was in shanghai, and Sarah is coming too, how lovely, spend sometime away from shanghai with my BFF, wow, cant wait!

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