Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I really dont like been sick

It has been more than one week now, i caught a bad cold, then i start to cough a lot, and i'm still coughing these days, with all the medicines i took and the alcohol i had absorbed, :-P
Finally found a chance to wear this new jacket, i was mean to put it here for a while, ok, since the first day i received it, i wanted to wear it. It's just so me, it would be better if it's in another color, like the blue i saw on the pics, but that one was sold out, so i think black is still a very good choice, to wear it in any occasion.
The weather is really bad in shanghai, and they said it's gonna rain, i dont know, maybe all i need to treat my cough is just some nice sunny days, then i will be recharged again!

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