Saturday, April 24, 2010

Drunk afternoon

The weather was really lovely today, sun shining, warm, smells like the spring, just a bit too windy!
Went to the Cantina Agave, the all you can drink is a brilliant idea, have your brunch, come along with ur all you can drink Margarita, i think i had 3.5 this afternoon, so i was red like the tomato 3 o'clock in the afternoon, how nice!
Did some drunk window shopping, hmmmm, quite pity that we didnt find anything lovely or nice or match to the requirement, so maybe not drunk enough or the sense of what to go for is strong enough to resist the alcohol effect.
The big boss will be in the office next whole week, so i probably will put on the heels the whole week, i need 4 outfits for next week match with different heels, yes, 4 day, friday will be off for the coming May holiday, yeah, holiday again, no plans yet, party hard maybe!
Watching Criminal Mind now, took my nap after i got home around 8pm, so i'm so sober that i'm so not ready for bed yet.
So i'm going back to the series now, good day, tata!

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