Thursday, February 18, 2010


It's the spring festival here in shanghai now, having a long holiday these days, the weather is lovely both yesterday and today, with the sun shining and AC at home, warm and comfy.
The holiday is half gone, by thinking of the coming working days, i dont think i'm ready for that. Can the holiday be longer, of course no cut on the salary, maybe till it's spring, i mean the real spring again, then i get back to work again, that will totally brings me the great mood, thought i will be working even more efficiently. I'm sure my boss will hate this idea, :-P
Anyway, still got things need to be done, the nail polish i should go buy, the mobile phone i need to buy, and i dont know what else, but things need to do.
Just think i should come up here to write some thing, nothing special, just to remind myself i still have a blog here.

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